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We want each child to reach their maximum potential and surpass their ultimate goal on and off the playing field

CFA is designed for each athlete to grow

We believe these 4 pillars are the makeup of a Complete Athlete.

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About Us

Meet Our Director

Coach Josh Celerin

UA Flag Football Comissioner

Coach Celerin is former professional athlete where he had stints in both the NFL and CFL. Coach Celerin is also a performance specialist in the Tampa Bay Area. 


• Certified to coach and teach in the state of Florida
• Level 2 background screened
• Catholic education and dioceses screened
• Maintain liability insurance
• Trained in CPR/ First Aid
• Trained in Heads Up concussion protocols
• Positive Coaching Alliance certified
• Trained in bully prevention
• Trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention
• Trained in Positive Coaching Alliance
• NCAA Division I Student Athlete (DB, RB) 2011-2015
• Academic All-American 2014
• All Conference DB
• Undrafted 2015

Why should your student-athlete train with CFA?

As former athletes we know from first hand experience that proper preparation is key. It takes countless hours of preparation to maximize your potential In your respective sport. During seasons athletes spend the majority of time focusing on running plays and working together as a team. Although that is vital for team sports, it eliminates time to work on individual based skills. At CFA we will provide specific coaching and the individual support needed to excel at any football position. After training with CFA athletes will have the increased confidence to compete in any football setting.


Why Parents Love Us

"Thank you very much for training Carson and Hudson this summer. I can see a clear difference in the development of their skills. But more importantly, I have seen their confidence (in football and outside of football improve). They really enjoy working with you. I truly appreciate your patience and teaching them life lessons above and beyond football skills."
Brad Lancaster
"This past summer my son had the opportunity to train privately with coach Josh and it was a great experience. Not only did his skills improve but his confidence level has gone way up. Josh’s positive and impactful coaching style has definitely made a difference in my son’s game. We plan to continue to train with Josh for years to come."
Feather Wright
"It is my pleasure to highly recommend Josh Celerin for any coaching position. We have known Josh for the past 2 years, as he has coached our son’s football team and acted as a personal trainer for him during the off-season. I can testify that Josh is a very disciplined individual and strives for excellence from his team, as well as from each individual player. On our son’s football team, one of Josh’s exemplary coaching traits is that he teaches each player to focus on playing their position to the best of their abilities, which in turn allows the team to work as a cohesive unit. As a personal trainer working with our son during the off-season, Josh has helped him become more agile and quicker on his feet. Due to Josh’s teaching, our son has a better understanding of the performance running, i.e. running wide receiver routes, and has improved his catching dramatically. In addition, Josh has explained to him what he may expect and experience during in his future football journey. The extra education, as well as physical training that Josh has provided has been incredibly rewarding for our son. The result from Josh’s influence has been fantastic to the point that our son is a much better football player and student of the game. As a result, our son is now playing and starting on a higher-level team for his age and grade. We plan on continuing to use Josh’s services, as he is a tremendous asset!"
Yves & Melissa Conze

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